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Draft Him So I Don’t Have To

Fantasy football isn’t always an actuarial science.  In fact, some of the riskiest picks have paid off the most in our league.  Our scoring is a little unorthodox, but I specifically remember how much we laughed in the draft room when Tov drafted the Panthers in round 10 as the first defense. I also specifically remember losing to a team named Spectacles Testicles by about 30 points.  That said, I always have a group of players starred on my sheet that I do not want to pick because of risk.  It doesn’t mean I won’t pick them if they’re the best available, but I’d rather not deal with the risk over the reward.  Here are some players I’d hate to draft if it follows the ADP trends.

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2013 ShowTime Fantasy Football Results

As I’ve already mentioned here Draft night is the funnest part of any Fantasy Football season.  The rest of the season is a mix of dread, pain, and brief moments of happiness.  One of my personal favorite parts of draft night occurs after the draft is over.  As a league, we vote on awards based on how everyone drafted.  Winning these awards are basically the kiss of death.  The awards and winners for 2013 were as followed:

Best Team:  Mikey

Worst Team:  Alex

Best Pick in the First 7 Rounds: Mikey- Jimmy Graham- 3rd round

Best Pick after the 7th Round: CW- DeAngelo Williams- 10th round

Best QBs:  Mikey- Aaron Rodgers/Andrew Luck

Best RBs:  CW- Peterson/Jones-Drew/Forte/Williams

Best WRs:  Paul- C. Johnson/D. Bryant/Sanders

Best TEs:  Mikey- Graham/Bennett

Below, the Draft is fully detailed as well as, the regular season standings and the playoff bracket for 2013 ShowTime Fantasy Football League.  Please, everyone leave comments making fun of Jordan for taking Chris Johnson in the 2nd round.  Enjoy.

Blue = Future Picks Yellow = Supplemental Green = Futures from Last Season

Blue = Future Picks
Yellow = Supplemental
Green = Futures from Last Season

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It’s Crunch Time…How Do You Decide Between Closely Valued Picks?

Everybody has their own pre-draft rankings, but what happens when a ranking is too close to call?  You have two minutes left to decide…what are you going to do?  I’ve seen some rookies flip coins in crunch time.  Others go by website rankings.  Then, there are those that may phone a friend. In this post, I will share the ultimate decision making tool in a toss-up draft pick.

I call it the James Franklin Rule.  Let’s be honest, I love James Franklin.  He won at VANDERBILT. Do you know what winning at VANDERBILT IN THE SEC means? It means that James Franklin can identify talent.  While other SEC coaches fought for five star recruits, my favorite coach had to identify a mixture of talent and character (See Two Star Recruit Jordan Matthews). To find his assistant coaches, James Franklin was quoted as saying, “I’ve been saying it for a long time, I will not hire an assistant coach until I’ve seen his wife. If she looks the part, and she’s a D-I recruit, then you got a chance to get hired. That’s part of the deal.”  If James Franklin says it AND it was quoted in Moneyball, you can take it to the bank.

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Most Important Part of Fantasy Football

The best thing about Fantasy Football is draft night.  All of the preparation, mock drafts, and conversations with friends all come to a head that night.  Now, it is impossible to predict who will win the league after draft night, but you can usually spot a few trends that will play out over the season.  For example, in our 2013 draft Paul decided not to pick RBs high in the draft due to the risk level, and instead opted to draft elite players at all other positions.  This decision had him chasing running backs on waivers and in trades all season and ended with him trading Calvin Johnson.  Now this plan was flashy and absolutely before its time since many people are now considering a draft strategy similar to this one, but it may not be the most efficient strategy.

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Let the Games Begin

Welcome to the Showtime Fantasy Football blog.  This will be the source of fantasy football news and analysis.  We will also showcase the upcoming Showtime 3.0 Fantasy Football season.  With ten rival teams returning, there will be drama, there will be collusion, and there will certainly be lopsided trades. A popular show on HBO tells us that “Winter Is Coming”. In a few weeks, Draft Day may tell us whose teams are swallowing.