This Is What I Know – Week Ten

Happy Sunday! I am sorry that I missed my normal post time, as this week at work was a real mess.  The end of the month, in accounting, can be as frustrating as fantasy football.  Please explain to me how the current number one seed, in our league, wins a matchup 39.94 to 22.31. And, please explain to me how 40 points would have won eight teams a matchup last week while Alex destroyed me with nearly 50 points on Monday Night Football.  As frustrating as these facts are, the answers are simple.  Tov was voted “worst team” on draft night, which always predicts a championship contender.  And, Alex was born to be a good friend to all of us, except when he has a clear advantage in anything.  In these cases, our friend becomes an arrogant, pompous, heartless, asshole.

Note to Alex:  I thought all of 15 seconds for a synonym for asshole, but simply could not come up with anything.  All jokes aside, you are a great friend, great fantasy competitor, and I wish you the best of (Andrew) Luck the rest of the season.  I have a particular picture of you that I hope and pray I can share with the World, when I beat you in the playoffs.

Note to Tov:  We all remember you uttering “fantasy isn’t fun anymore” on draft night.  I hope it was fun last week when you became 7-2 scoring less than 40 points and ruining my Slam Dunk prediction.  Fantasy isn’t fun anymore!

If you didn’t read last week, I hated Tov’s team and predicted JJ Watt would outscore all of Tov’s position players.  Justin Forsett was not in his lineup when I made the prediction, but that fact would not have changed my prediction, as I try to be bold.  Obviously, too bold.  Justin Forsett outscored JJ Watt by 0.5 points, the exact total he earned for his solo tackle.

Slam Dunk Prediction

Andy Dalton will throw for 86 yards and 3 interceptions, call it a hunch.  I also have a educated guess that Ben Roethlisberger will throw less than 6 touchdowns, after doing so for two straight weeks.  I also believe starting Romo is a bad idea for the Cowboys.  I would prefer a loss to the Jaguars, rather than losing Romo for the season.  So you want something bold?  I will take the Oakland Raiders to cover the spread against the Denver Broncos.  This is Sunday and the NFL, Oakland is at home, I have only gotten one of these right, so give me Oakland losing by less than twelve.

Kickoff is approaching, so I’m going to hurry the predictions along.

NFL (82-51-1)

Bengals X
49ers – I don’t like this pick, but I picked them to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.
Broncos 34-24

ShowTime (24-21)

No time for a write up of each game this week, so I will provide one fact that supports my pick. Also to differentiate from previous posts, I will wish all of my league mates the worst luck possible!

C.W. Over Cribb – DeMarco Murray is the NFL’s Leading Rusher. The Jaguars are not good at defending the run. Romo is banged up. Media is questioning why Murray has not touched the ball 20 plus times in recent weeks. DeMarco needs to have a big day!

Mikey over Deavers – Deavers’ wide receivers played Thursday Night. AJ Green and Mohamed Sanu scored 3.15 fantasy points. Deavers is still projected to win, as Mikey chose not to start a defense, but I don’t care.

Joe over Zach – I started to pick Zach as my Slam Dunk without looking at his team. I knew Calvin Johnson was back and that he has Aaron Rodgers. Unfortunately for Zach, he is starting Chris Johnson and Bryce Brown at running back.

Tov over Alex – Last week Jeremy Hill scored 21.25 fantasy points against me. This week Jeremy Hill scored 1.15 fantasy points against Tov. Tov continues to receive the luck, granted to the team voted as the worst, as Andrew Luck is on a bye this week.

Lucas over Paul – In my opinion, Lucas has the advantage at nine of our ten starting positions. The largest of these advantages resides at the Quarterback position. Peyton Manning normally rebounds after bad games and he easily may outscore Alex Smith, Paul’s QB, by 10 fantasy points.


*I am not responsible for bad predictions or typos, as I do not have a research or editing team.


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