This Is What I Know – Week Eleven

With only three weeks remaining in our regular season, the standings are as follows.


Six teams will make the playoffs and four will not.  With points serving as a tiebreaker, The Lannister Men appear to have a grip on any cross-league ties.  Unfortunately for Zach and Mikey, the only two Stark Men to reach 740 points this season, the race to the playoffs seems to be an eight man race.  The fact that Zach and Mikey place first and second in points for their division, but combine for a total of four wins blows my mind.  Every man in this league has games they think they should have won and some games they know they should have lost.  Schedules, bye weeks, injuries, good luck, bad luck, and incorrect assumptions on draft night all play a factor over the season.  For example, my previous matchup against Joe, in Week Four, was the night Tom Brady gave me negative points on Monday Night Football against the Chiefs.  I lost by less than four points.  Most experts advised fantasy players to look else ware at the Quarterback position after that night, and who could blame them.  Tom Brady was struggling but since that night has been a top five Quarterback.  Week Four is a week I believe I should have won!  The following week, I replaced Tom Brady with Ben Roethlisberger.  Brady outscored the Pittsburgh Quarterback by eight points.  That very same week, Percy Harvin scored three touchdowns against me, but all three were called back due to penalty.  I should have lost, as I beat Cribb by less than six points.  After two straight, heartbreaking, division losses, I unexpectedly beat Cribb again this past week.  Arizona’s Defense and Mychal Rivera scored three total touchdowns in a matter of minutes this time around.  Cribb, just like my post after Week Four, I apologize.  We all have these stories that play themselves out over the course of a season.

For the eight in the race, the next three weeks are the only ones that matter.  Week Fourteen is a new season.

For Zach and Mikey, the next three weeks should be the only ones that matter.  Take pride in helping to eliminate competitors, especially since I have already played you both!

Zach, congratulations on your win.  I know you have continued to give full effort during your frustrating season, good work.

Since it worked last week, I wish you all the worst of luck in Week Eleven.

NFL (92-54-1)


ShowTime 3.0 (26-24)

I am creating this post before waivers process, so I will provide a few facts and then quickly make my picks tomorrow morning.

cw joe

C.W. vs. Joe – The Dallas Cowboys are on a bye. Joe is without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. C.W. is without DeMarco Murray. Cam Newton replaces Tony Romo in Joe’s lineup and did not look like Cam Newton last night on Monday Night Football. C.W. traded for Bishop Sankey last night and will have to choose between him and an injured Lamar Miller. These teams will not be at full strength and I expect a close matchup. Me, better matchups and a new choice between Sankey and Jonathan Stewart.

mikey alex

Mikey vs. Alex – Mikey has three players on a bye, while Alex has zero. Alex is currently the number one seed and at full strength. On Tuesday Night at nine o’clock, Alex is projected to win by more than 39 points. Mikey did not pick up a defense in Week Ten, so I feel he may not pick up a kicker in Week Eleven. This matchup seems lopsided, but I will reevaluate before posting. Alex, because he is the best team in the league right now.

cribb tov

Cribb vs. Tov – Cribb is without Jason Witten and Percy Harvin, due to bye weeks. Flacco, Forsett, and Torrey Smith, of the Ravens, are on a bye for Tov. Tov also owns the Ravens Defense. Cribb owns Arian Foster, currently not in his starting lineup and expected to play, who was injured before his bye. Tov traded for Mychal Rivera, who helped C.W. beat Cribb last week. I think a lot will change in this matchup before Sunday. Cribb, because his team is better than his 4-6 record and Foster is now in his lineup.

deavers luca

Deavers vs. Lucas – The only bye week significance in this matchup requires Deavers to pick up a kicker and IDP this week. Peyton Manning has a plus matchup against the Rams, for Lucas. Matthew Stafford has a bad matchup against the Cardinals, for Deavers. Jimmy Graham may make up the difference for Deavers, in a plus matchup against the Bengals. Lucas is projected to win by more that 14 points, but Deavers will close that gap by completing his lineup. I also feel Stafford is under projected. This matchup will be tight throughout the weekend and very important in the playoff chase. Lucas, because of Manning, Cobb, and Maclin.

paul zach

Paul vs. Zach – Zach’s team is confident and healthy, with Calvin Johnson returning from injury. There are no bye week implications. Zach has two open roster spots and is projected to win by more than 16 points. At 9:31 PM on Tuesday Night, Zach will win and outscore Paul in all ten starting positions. That is my slam dunk prediction and THIS IS WHAT I KNOW!

*All fantasy projections are subject to change and I cannot be held responsible for bad predictions or typos, as I do not have an editor or research team.


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