This Is What I Know – Week Thirteen

The one weekly fact behind this post is that I know next to nothing.  And while I have enjoyed trying to make logical sense of the NFL and ShowTime 3.0, that feat is nearly impossible.  I wanted to fulfill my weekly post by sharing five factual notes, that I know to be one-hundred percent true.  This five fact format will be a transition into future posts, as I have devoted way too much time to this post this season.  That time paired with the Holidays, end of the regular season, and my likely elimination from the post season requires me to shorten my time spent on this post.

Fact One – This time of the year is known as the Holiday Season.  It begins with a Thanksgiving dinner, followed by decorating, shopping, and most of all family.  The key to all of those activities is the family aspect. In all religions, quality time with the family comes first during the holidays.  I consider the members of ShowTime 3.0 to be a family of ten, and I wish you all the best of luck.

Fact Two – During this special time of the year, we have the privilege of watching some of the best football of the season.  The Eagles and the Cowboys played for the first time on Thursday.  Hopefully the second games is more competitive.  The Seahawks and 49ers play again, after a defensive bout Thursday Night.  This Sunday’s game between the Patriots and the Packers should be great television.  One is family, and number two is football.

Fact Three – ShowTime 3.0 begins a new season on Tuesday morning.  Alex, Joe, Deavers, Tov, and Paul have clinched a spot in that season.  Lucas appears to be the favorite to become the sixth, but Cribb and I have a bit of hope.

Fact Four – The average winning score last week was 91.51, heavily influenced by Tov’s eleven touchdowns and 118.30 points.  On the other hand, Lucas gained his one game lead for sixth place with only 69.99 points, third worst in the league last week.  You would never guess who was playing Tov…

Fact Five – Six teams, and a lot of fantasy players, have already completed their games this week. This fact gives us a more clear cut look at projections for the rest of the weekend. Right now, the projections suggest Alex will be our regular season champion and Tov or Deavers will receive the second bye. Due to my lack of scoring on Thursday, it seems the race for sixth is between Lucas and Cribb.

I had an epiphany last week and will no longer make ShowTime 3.0 picks. Monday Night defeats three out of the past four weeks made one fact clear to me. The Fantasy God’s are not on my side. After all, who am I to try to predict what may happen in a a volatile fantasy football league within the most volatile league of professional sports? The fact that I attempted to accurately predict those outcomes, for twelve weeks, was asinine. People get paid to do this and still make bad calls. I have a full time job, an hour commute (each way), and family time that means so much to us all. Cribb said it best, in regards to potentially being eliminated, on Thursday morning by saying, “I’m excited to enjoy football again though”.

I will take a loss for the three games I missed on Thursday, although I would have most likely picked the Lions, Cowboys, and Seahawks.


Let me conclude this week’s post by apologizing to the Fantasy Football Gods, and promising to never step on their toes again (unless this extremely fun, competitive, depressing, confusing, Fantasy Life becomes my real job). I intentionally used Fantasy Life as a tribute to Matthew Berry’s book about stories he has encountered as a Fantasy Football player and analyst. If you have not read it, read it! (The English Language is almost as confusing as Fantasy Football.) THIS IS WHAT I KNOW!

*I cannot be held accountable for bad predictions or typos, as I do not have an editing or research team.


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