This Is What I Know – Divisional Semi-Finals

Fact One – I won my must win matchup against Deavers last week by 27.65 points.

Fact Two – Lucas lost his must win matchup against Tov last week by 68.11 points.

Fact Three – Cribb won his must win matchup against Zach last week by 2.14 points.

Fact Four – Cribb and I entered Monday Night Football knowing that one of us would face Joe in Week One of the fantasy playoffs, but I needed help. I needed Mike Wallace to score more than 6.2 points or Lamar Miller to score 10.1 points. I had two reasonable chances to make the 2014 ShowTime 3.0 Playoffs.

Fact Five – I missed the playoffs by four one hundredths of a point (0.04).


I stared at my iPad screen in disbelieve. I got out of bed and pulled up Stat Tracker on my laptop. Stat Tracker said I was in!  But, in that instance I noticed TY Hilton was credited with a tackle and a forced fumble.  Stat Tracker was not accounting for the tackle at the time.  At nearly midnight, I was frantically searching different sites to confirm that Hilton should receive 2.5 points for a tackle and a forced fumble. The next morning I put into perspective exactly how one could lose by 0.04 points. A tackle is 0.50 points. An assisted tackle is work 0.25. A reception will earn you 0.10 points in ShowTime 3.0. One extra rushing yard or one more receiving yard, over the course of thirteen weeks, would have been enough for me to clinch a spot in this year’s playoffs. What could possibly be worth as little as 0.04 points? Over thirteen weeks, I missed the playoffs by less than two passing yards, or one too many Tom Brady kneels from the victory formation. In fact, the fact that TY Hilton scored the equivalent of fifty rushing or receiving yards on one “defensive” play beat me.

I found this clip of the play that earned Hilton those points. I have thrown my challenge flag and I hope that the stats personnel at take a close look at this play before stat corrections are released tomorrow morning. Have a look and judge for yourself, via (You may have to copy/paste the link below, and sorry for the thirty second ad.)


Upon further review, my very biased eyes see Coby Fleener in the process of making a solo tackle, Hilton swipes at the ball, and knocks the ball loose. This play absolutely should result in TY Hilton earning two points for forcing a fumble. While trying to understand how a tackle was credited to Hilton, I told myself that because no potion of the runner’s body touched the ground the “tackle” occurred when the ball left the runner’s hands. Even with that self explanation, I was not satisfied. I watched a few more times and I simply cannot understand how Coby Fleener was not credited with at least an assisted tackle on this play. Furthermore, on a year that I lost forty-two points on fourteen lost fumbles, how does the clip you just watched earn an offensive player 2.5 points. In one (substituted four letter) word, sick!

I titled this week’s post “Divisional Semi-Finals”, as the two matchups this week are between divisional foes. Each division had three teams fortunate enough to make the playoffs, and in Week One four of those teams will face each other for the third time this season. The other two teams, Alex and Tov, earned a bye to the second round. I am going to attempt to give five facts for each matchup.

(6) Cribb vs. (3) Joe

Fact One – This season Cribb averaged 80.93 points per game, while Joe averaged 82.25.

Fact Two – Joe beat Cribb both times they played during the regular season, both by single digits.

Fact Three – Joe is currently projected to win this matchup, 91.32 – 84.24.

Fact Four – These two teams will field five players on Thursday Night Football between the Cowboys and Bears. I expect a lot of fantasy points between those two teams.

Fact Five – Cribb will have to wait around, if he is fortunate enough to have a lead on Sunday evening, as only Joe has players participating on Sunday and Monday nights (Gostkowski and Worrilow).


**If a stat correction saves me, I will face Joe. Thursday Night Football will still be important as I own Murray and Forte. Sunday Night Football would become more important because I own Brady, Gronkowski, and LaFell.

5) Paul vs. 4) Deavers

Fact One – This year Paul averaged 70.27 points per game, while Deavers averaged 71.70.

Fact Two – Each of these teams earned a win against the other, during the regular season.

Fact Three – Deavers is currently projected to win this matchup, 77.31 – 69.34.

Fact Four – Each team will have four players remaining after the one o’clock games are finished on Sunday.

Fact Five – If Deavers can wake up Monday Morning with a lead, he will have to hold off Roddy White on Monday Night Football to advance.


NFL Picks


The last two teams mentioned put on a heck of a show last Sunday, and Stat Corrections are posted on Thursday mornings. THIS IS WHAT I KNOW!

*Typos likely, as I do not have an editing team and anything fantasy football related is tough to swallow this week.


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