This Is What I Know – Final Four

I’m glad I was eliminated before the playoffs started.  The Cowboys played well on Thursday Night Football and my weekend was stress free.  When Brandon LaFell lost a fumble on Sunday Night, the result of the play had no bearing on my mood.  I had less beer, I took a nap, and I skipped Monday Night Football to watch Breaking Bad with my wife.  Speaking of Breaking Bad, we have six episodes left and look forward to finishing the series this weekend.  Speaking of this weekend, and my wife, Chelsey has a birthday on Friday.  If you are reading this post, follow her and wish her a Happy Birthday on Twitter at @ChelseyDunn12.  She does not use Twitter very often, so she will be surprised by any tweets sent her way.

The two matchups I previewed last week had very different outcomes, which could have been predicted.  The “battle” that occurred between the “Men” of the Stark division totaled 107.07.  If there is any confusion regarding my last sentence, the two teams combined for 107.07 points.  To put that point total into perspective, Joe scored 112.55 against Cribb and lost.  That fact explains another reason I am glad I was eliminated the week before.  Think about it!  You made the six man playoffs.  You scored more points than two of the four teams could score together.  Yet, you are preparing to play for fifth place.  As I was last week, I am sure Joe is sick.  I have said from the very beginning that this league is very competitive and a lot of times unfair.  Had I made the playoffs (I missed the playoffs by 0.04 total season points, if you did not read last week.), Joe would have advanced and I would have been bitter this week instead of last week.

Cribb 127.02 – Joe 112.55

Deavers 62.64 – Paul 44.43

This week Cribb advances to play Tov and Deavers will play Alex.  I will quickly provide some facts for each of these matchups.

Cribb (6) vs. Tov (2)


Fact One – Cribb outscored Tov by 33.67 points, during the regular season, and beat Tov in Week Eleven.

Fact Two – Had these two teams played last week, Cribb would have won 127.02 to 94.40.

Fact Three – Tov has been putting up his best weeks of the season over the past three weeks, averaging 115.06 per week since his loss to Cribb.

Fact Four – During that time frame, Cribb has averaged 100.52 points per week.

Fact Five – Tov will have the first and last chance to make an impact in this matchup, as only he has starting positions playing on Thursday Night (St. Louis Defense) and Monday Night (Drew Brees).

I expect a high scoring game between these two.

Alex (1) vs. Deavers (4)


Fact One – Alex outscored Deavers by 195.24 points, during the regluar season, and beat Deavers in Week Five.

Fact Two – Had these two teams played last week, Alex would have won 65.28 to 62.64.

Fact Three – Deavers has not scored 70.00 points in a week since Week Nine, five weeks ago.

Fact Four – During that time frame, Alex’s lowest score that mattered was 76.01 points. (65.28 last week during his first round bye)

Fact Five – Alex will need to post a decent lead before Monday morning, as Deavers has Mark Ingram and Jimmy Graham suiting up on Monday Night Football.

Everything I mentioned points to Alex winning this matchup, but I expect him to sweat through Monday Night.

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**Typos and incorrect predictions are likely, as I do not have an editing team.


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