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2014 Four Round Mock Draft

Mock drafts, while fun, are fairly pointless.  There is always someone who skews the results by taking Johnny Manziel in the 3rd round or teams on auto-pick end up allowing user drafted teams to become way too stacked.   However, mock drafts do have there uses if the individuals involved are serious.  They allow you to plan out what type of player you expect to be there when you are picking. Going any further than 4 rounds is fruitless as well, because around this time is starts to be much more about hunches than sound logic.

An anonymous Owner and myself decided to do a 4 round mock draft with the actual draft order for our league.  If some picks look strange, you may want to check who was a Future from last season or our unique rules.  I drafted the Orange teams and the anonymous Owner drafted the blue teams.


Three Things I liked:

  1. The amount of really good players available at the end of round 2 and the beginning of round 3
  2. The ability to get an elite running back/wide receiver combo with picks 4-9
  3. Cribb getting Adrian Peterson at 4th overall

Three Things I didn’t Like:

  1. Brandon Marshall going before A.J. Green and Julio Jones
  2. I think Sankey has a lot of upside, but I don’t know if I could take him in the 4th round
  3. Julius Thomas over Morris/Martin/Bernard is a stretch considering the dearth of running back talent



Humble Pie

Every year, while sitting in Mikey’s basement, we critique every pick. Some people get made fun of while other players get applause with a late round steal or a risky, but well thought out pick. Every one of us leaves the draft room thinking one thing: championship.

Little do we know, that at some point throughout the first month of the season, we’re in for a big slice of humble pie. This slice can come through injury to one of our stars, a high pick not producing, or getting beat out on the waiver wire after bidding on a player who shakes up the whole league. Last year, we laughed at Alex’s “rookie” draft and then he laughed all the way to the championship. We questioned Jordan’s early pick of the Panthers defense and they ended up helping his team to multiple wins throughout the year. Each of us enter the draft and leave the draft thinking we are experts on fantasy football; and rightfully so; we do run the best league this side of the Mississippi.

My taste of “humble pie” came really early last year. I realized that Stephen Jackson is playing like he’s 75 years old, Doug Martin had a sophomore slump, and “The Hoodie” has a huge love/hate relationship with Steven Ridley from week to week. My genius draft idea of drafting three starting running backs with my first three picks blew up in my face by the middle of October. Coming off of a championship year, I, like everyone else, thought I had the winning formula on my team.

While we encourage you to take notes on how a great fantasy football league is ran and how we’ve been working to perfect this league since we were in college watching Sunday football on tiny TVs, I also want to acknowledge how fantasy football, especially “Showtime” can make you feel like a genius and an idiot in a span of a few short months. When we throw our money in on draft night, we’re convinced that we’re going to be getting that money back in six short months. By February, we again realize that we just gave a huge loan to one of our friends in an effort to, for five or six months, show that we somehow have more knowledge than the other nine members of the league.

2013 ShowTime Fantasy Football Results

As I’ve already mentioned here Draft night is the funnest part of any Fantasy Football season.  The rest of the season is a mix of dread, pain, and brief moments of happiness.  One of my personal favorite parts of draft night occurs after the draft is over.  As a league, we vote on awards based on how everyone drafted.  Winning these awards are basically the kiss of death.  The awards and winners for 2013 were as followed:

Best Team:  Mikey

Worst Team:  Alex

Best Pick in the First 7 Rounds: Mikey- Jimmy Graham- 3rd round

Best Pick after the 7th Round: CW- DeAngelo Williams- 10th round

Best QBs:  Mikey- Aaron Rodgers/Andrew Luck

Best RBs:  CW- Peterson/Jones-Drew/Forte/Williams

Best WRs:  Paul- C. Johnson/D. Bryant/Sanders

Best TEs:  Mikey- Graham/Bennett

Below, the Draft is fully detailed as well as, the regular season standings and the playoff bracket for 2013 ShowTime Fantasy Football League.  Please, everyone leave comments making fun of Jordan for taking Chris Johnson in the 2nd round.  Enjoy.

Blue = Future Picks Yellow = Supplemental Green = Futures from Last Season

Blue = Future Picks
Yellow = Supplemental
Green = Futures from Last Season

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Let the Games Begin

Welcome to the Showtime Fantasy Football blog.  This will be the source of fantasy football news and analysis.  We will also showcase the upcoming Showtime 3.0 Fantasy Football season.  With ten rival teams returning, there will be drama, there will be collusion, and there will certainly be lopsided trades. A popular show on HBO tells us that “Winter Is Coming”. In a few weeks, Draft Day may tell us whose teams are swallowing.