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Showtime Fantasy Football Podcast Ep. 2

Who’s a better fantasy prospect, Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger? Is LeVeon Bell going too early? Is Brandin Cooks going to break out? Listen to find out!  For the video version, check out our YouTube page!

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Most Important Part of Fantasy Football

The best thing about Fantasy Football is draft night.  All of the preparation, mock drafts, and conversations with friends all come to a head that night.  Now, it is impossible to predict who will win the league after draft night, but you can usually spot a few trends that will play out over the season.  For example, in our 2013 draft Paul decided not to pick RBs high in the draft due to the risk level, and instead opted to draft elite players at all other positions.  This decision had him chasing running backs on waivers and in trades all season and ended with him trading Calvin Johnson.  Now this plan was flashy and absolutely before its time since many people are now considering a draft strategy similar to this one, but it may not be the most efficient strategy.

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